Pillows are wonderful to make yourself comfortable on the couch or in bed, right? In addition, cushion covers are great for spicing up your decoration at home. Custom pillow cases are particularly nice - as a gift or just for yourself!

Design your own pillow - you need:
Designing a pillow yourself is a lot of fun and you can live it out creatively again. You need:

Any number of pillows
Matching pillow cases
Textile paint
Brushes or sponges
A pillow can be painted just like a small sofa pillow. The choice is up to you. It is particularly cozy with several pillows - and if you are already painting, you can design another pillow for your best friend. ????

Pay attention to the material and color of the pillowcases so that the result is as satisfactory as possible. Cotton, linen or silk are the most suitable. In general, the more synthetic fibers are contained in the fabric, the worse the fabric stains will hold. Color is also important. The colors shine beautifully on light fabrics - white is of course the first choice. But there are also textile colors that are also suitable for dark fabrics. Just look for the color label when buying.

Messages or filigree patterns are best applied with a textile marker or a brush. If you use a stencil (ideal for those who are not so happy with their drawing skills ????), you can also dab the paint on with a sponge.
It is best to use a piece of cardboard to help prevent the fabric paint from sticking to the back of the cushion cover. You need the iron to fix the color after drying.

Design your own pillow - boho chic with batik

Natural, casual and uncomplicated, that's the boho style. Many natural materials such as wood and rattan are used in the interior. The decoration can be colorful and patterned - just as you like it. Fabrics in a batik look go particularly well with boho chic and are great to design yourself.

To design a batik pillow, you need rubbers or cords. This binds the fabric - the fabric remains white at the spots. In a bucket you then mix water with textile paint; there is one tablespoon of paint per liter of water. Then the fabric is placed in the water. Don't forget: First put on your gloves, otherwise there'll be colored hands. ???? Let the paint soak in for about an hour, stirring regularly. Then is rinsed thoroughly with running water. Then you can remove the lacing and let the fabric dry.

Design your own pillow - the favorite song in and under your head
The favorite song under your head? It's easy with a custom pillow! All you need is a pillow case in a color of your choice and a textile crayon. Then you can write the lyrics on the fabric. Either you choose a particularly meaningful line from the song that you place in the middle of the pillow, or you describe the pillow from top to bottom. So the lyrics for the next karaoke party are set in no time!

An alternative for the schoolchildren in the household is a bedtime story or a little message on the pillow. It makes you look forward to going to bed much more!

Design your own pillow - minimalist art
You can only paint stick figures and don't like to perpetuate your handwriting on a pillow? Then try it with minimalist art - everyone will succeed! Wide brushes are best suited. Now you choose the fabric colors that you like. You can also mix new shades with the colors so that the pillows fit perfectly with the interior later. Then just get started and draw stripes, circles or lines on the fabric. That doesn't have to look accurate, but can be a bit uneven, that's what makes the DIY charm. The pillow case is most beautiful if you combine two or three colors.

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